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Who are we?

About us

We are an international collaboration of medical students and medical school faculty members engaged in implementing climate and sustainability education at our own institutions. 


Our Mission

To empower healthcare students and faculty members worldwide to integrate climate and sustainability education into their curricula. We will do this by creating open source educational content and guides for implementation.

Who are the collaborators?

We are a collaboration currently made up of faculty members and medical students from universities in the US, UK and Central America. We all have experience in integrating climate change and sustainability teaching into the medical curriculum and want to share our methods and educational materials.

Resource Bank

Materials and Resource Bank

All our materials are free and available through our box drive. To get access follow the link below:
From there you'll be able to access loads of useful educational resources and how-to-guides. 

IMECCS - Education Resource Bank:

PowerPoint slides with engaging climate and sustainability related material on a range of topic areas. These come with a script for the presenter and referenced materials. We hope that by providing these ready made materials they can be easily infused into appropriate teaching sessions. 

Examples of Our Slides



To be released soon:

IMECCS - Curriculum Assessment Tool

A tool to help quickly identify where in your medical course you can infuse climate and sustainability topic.s


IMECCS - Question Bank 

Restricted access multiple choice questions based on IMECCS resource bank materials.


How to Guide:

How to Implement and Integrate Climate and Sustainability Teaching into the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum

We have combined our joint experiences to develop the IMECCS Model of Implementation and 'How to Guide' based off this model. 

IMECCS Model of Climate and Sustainability Implementation

Download our 'How to Guide' for a step by step approach to integrate climate and sustainability into your institution's medical school curriculum. 


Join the IMECCS Community

We're looking to build a global community of collaborative organisations and representatives. So please get in contact if you are interested. 

Become a IMECCS Rep: 

Represent IMECCS at your university and help build in climate and sustainability topics into your curriculum. We will support you as much as possible! 

Collaborate with your organisation:

If you are part of an organisation with shared goals we'd love to hear form you.  Get in contact with us and we can see where we can collaborate

Join the IMECCS Central Team:

Help us continue to create and share content and resources to bring climate and sustainability topics to medical teaching across the world. 


We're looking to build a global community. So please get in contact. We'd love to hear from you! 


If you would like to join the collaboration and contribute to creating health related climate and sustainability materials or have any questions for us, please get in touch! 

Thanks for submitting!

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